Monday, April 28, 2014

The List: 30 While 30

This is my 30th year. I have decided to join the 30 things list. I first created my list when there were two months before turning 30. Needless to say I didn't meet everything on my list. It was wishful thinking. So I decided to do a #30While30 list to document fun times and to create great experiences during my 30th year. More than anything this is a list that reminds me to seek new experiences and enjoy life. You only hit 30 once so living it up is a must. I encourage you to join me in this challenge. Create a list. Check off the items as you complete them. Have fun. Take Pictures.

I will be updating this post as I complete items. I'm excited and nervous. I know that once I press that send button there are going to be other people out there who will also know what I'm planning to do and in turn will be holding me accountable. I guess that adds more of a challenge. Have you done -the list (25before25, 30before30, 40before40, etc.)? Follow me on twitter and instagram as well under the hashtag #30while30.

1. Essence Festival
2. Try sushi 4/12/14
3. Revive and Maintain a public blog
4. Photo shoot
5. Get a passport
6. Go zip lining
7. Go to a Heat game 3/24/14
8. 30 poems (NaPoWriMo2014)
9. Start Ira
10. Recite poem live
11. Start a P.O. Box
12. Try 30 new hairstyles
13. Travel to California
14. Host a dinner party
15. Travel to Miami 3/24/14
16. Try 30 new recipes
17. Make a scrapbook
18. Visit 30 new places w/in and outside of city
19. Spa day (massage/nails)
20. Donate $300 to a charity or non profit foundation
21. 10 random acts of kindness
22. Send 10 letters (friends and family)
23. Read at least 10 books
24. Complete a pinterest DIY project
25. Write 30 pages of my novel
26. Save $1,000
27. Gain X lbs
28. Learn to knit
29. Start crochet website
30. Volunteer 10 hours to... various service projects


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