Friday, April 18, 2014

Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream | #FoodieFriday

I get a sweet tooth sometimes and I am always looking for ways to satisfy the sugar craving but with a healthier approach. I can eat this homemade ice cream guilt free.

This recipe is like ice cream but it doesn't contain ice and it doesn't contain the usual things listed on store bought ice cream. All you need is a blender and the ingredients. The main ingredient is a frozen banana. As a way to prep I place my bananas in bags and place in the freezer. Below is the recipe and ingredients for homemade strawberry ice cream also known as strawberry nana ice cream. Enjoy!

1 frozen banana
1/4 cups Coconut milk (May need more or less)
5-8 Strawberries (add a fruit of your choice)
Whip cream (for topping)

Step by Step:
1. Rinse strawberries, cut in half, put into blender.
2. Break frozen banana in half and  put into blender.
3. Pour coconut milk into blender.
4. Blend together
5. Place in a bowl and top with whip cream, almonds, chopped strawberries

*Add liquid sparingly so that you keep the ice cream like consistency.
Serving size: 1

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