Thursday, April 3, 2014

That Love That Gets You | NaPoWriMo Day #2

I get inspiration at the most random times. Last night I went to a midweek live concert at a local lounge here in the city. The opening acts had just finished gracing the stage. In between the opening acts and the headline, I had typed a whole poem on my spring pad app. Just like that day 2 was complete at about 9 something at night. Without further delay, below is what sprouted from my mind. It's in no way finished. I didn't type it on the blog yesterday, now that I'm reading back over it to type it now, I find there are more words I want to add and even some words I want to modify. I'm loving that this #NaPoWriMo is off to a spectacular start.

In true dual purpose, I am also submitting this piece as my first post in the Blog Behind the Look #CollabThursday #BloggersCollaboration.  Enjoy!

That Love That Got You | NaPoWriMo Day #2

Sitting at a small square shaped table
in the back corner of a cafe
Minding my own business until
I catch in my peripheral
a man and a woman in their twenties.
It is something about how they are looking at each other
that draws me to them.

Her left hand wrapped around his right arm
and her head delicately gracing his shoulder.
She's smiling.
He has this look of satisfaction.

You wouldn't think this is the scene at a lunch table but they
remain locked in arms
and I can tell that their love is new
That love that  gets you waking up in the morning
thinking about him.
That love that gets you sending pictures and text all day.
That love that makes you feel all tingly
just by the sound of his name.
That love that gets you smiling just by seeing his name
pop up on the phone dash.
That love that gets you replaying the last time you were together.
That love that gets you thinking about the next time you will see him.
That love that gets you wanting to hold his hands, his attention, and his lips.
That love that gets you on the phone for hours
sometimes just listening to background sounds.
That love that gets you daydreaming
about his last name right after your first.

I watch them

I admire them for how
their love is
But I can tell that they haven't weathered the test of time
and that
too strong a wind
or a storm might knock out
all that love built between them
if it came too soon.

A few minutes later, I spot another couple
This time I see that the lady's left ring finger is occupied.
She's not sitting next to him but across from him.
She's looking at him directly in his eyes.
They aren't saying anything, but they are saying so much
She doesn't have a smile on her lips but her eyes
are soft and joyous

Their interaction tells the story of love that has weathered through experiences.
They look like they have taken a couple of knock downs but refused to stay down.
Their war wounds have fortified their love and their genuine desire for each other.
They got that love that is always forgiving.
That love that's always supporting.
That love that's committed to being there
even when it's difficult.
That love that has them holding each other
That love that has them holding each other's heart.
That love that keeps them coming back home day after day to a family that needs each other.
A love that created a family.
A love that has taken part in uplifting each other and growing together.
They got that love that lasts.

© 2014 by Jamie Dunlap

Poetry Form: Free Verse
Topic: Love
Word Count: 467

Use your words and let me know what you think about the poem. What lines are your favorite? Any questions about the message? What do you notice? Let's dialogue!

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