Saturday, April 26, 2014

Eighteen Sisterlock FAQs | Sisterlock Talk

I have compiled these questions from the comments I have received in many of my videos on Youtube. If you have any questions leave them in the comment section. The questions are not listed in a specific order. The pictures included showcase my newly retightened locks. I got them retightened the day before the pictures were taken.

1. How long does retightening take?

It takes 3.5- 4 hours to get my locks retightened if I'm on schedule.

2. How long do I go between retightenings?

It is recommended that I go every 8 weeks. When I keep this schedule it allows me to keep my retightenings to 3.5-4 hours. It also helps to keep my lists strong. Retightening at different intervals will weaken the lock over time.

3. What products do I use?

I wash my hair with the All Natural Knotty Boy Shampoo bar. I moisturize with Motions Oil. I don't put anything else on my hair. 

4. How often do I wash?

I was every 3-3.5 weeks. This is an area I am working on. I should definitely wash more than I usually do.

5. How many locks do I have?

The last time I counted I had 505 locks.

6. How do I cover my hair at night?

I use a bonnet for braids so that my locks can lay in the sleeve. I have a Lock Sock but the band needs to be loosened.

7. How much are retightenings?

The price varies based on the loctician and their level of experience. It is usually an hourly fee.

8. What size are my locks?

I have small to medium locks because of my hair texture.

9. How do you find a good loctician?

I went to the website and looked up certified and trainee locticians. I wanted someone who was also a stylist so that I could get my hair retightened at a salon.

10. What's the difference between traditional locks, dreads, sister locks, micro locks?
I know the most about Sisterlocks, so I will focus on what makes them different. Sisterlocks uses a specific locking pattern based on hair texture, specific parting grid, and a specific lock size based on hair texture.

11. Who did my hair?
My hair was started by Blenna Williams from Salon Naturelle. I moved so I had to find a new loctician. My last retightening was done my Monica Jackson at Trends Salon.

12. Who colored my hair?

Blenna Williams at Salon Naturelle colored my hair.

13. What color are your locks?

It's a mixture of three different shades of auburn. I told my loctician at the time that I wanted brown and the colors that were produced were a perfect compliment for my complexion. I absolutely loved the finished product. It was my first time ever getting my hair permanently dyed.

14. How long have you been locked?
As of March 23, 2014, I have been locked 5 years.

15. How long did it take for them to lock?
My locks in the back started to lock around year two. I have a section of loose more wavy hair at the top, and it took at least 3.5-4 years to lock. My locks are considered mature now. My original loctician made sure my locks were mature before adding color. I must of asked for color a million times, but they weren't ready until after 3.5-4 years.

16. How long was your hair when you first started?
I had about 6 inches of hair. It barely dusted my shoulder in the back.

17. Do you retighten yourself?

I took the class in 2010. I have since then retightened the front of my head twice. So, no I don't regularly retighten my whole head by myself. in March I actually told myself I wanted to try to. It wasn't successful. I did the front, and eight locks in the back and it took a really long time. My new grow was accumulating in the process so I decided to find a new professional to do the retightening.

18. Were you natural before Sisterlocks?

Yes I had been natural for 22 months.

This was taken in December 2008. I got the locks 3 months later.

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