Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Are You Living for the Weekend? | Mid Week Motivation #1

Do you ever find yourself living for the weekend? If we had more weekends than we had weekdays, I'm sure we would crave the weekdays and not the weekends. People tend to crave the things they feel they don't get enough of at any given time. Sometimes I crave the weekend. I crave it for it's simplicity, it's out of the ordinary, it's freedom to explore, and it's absent of clocking in. On the weekend, I'm typically off from work and I get a chance to fill my day with whatever I choose. The beauty is not in the activity all the time it's that I get to choose what I do. What do you love about the weekends?

So our lives will ultimately be filled with more weekdays than weekends so we shouldn't relegate the experiences of the weekend only for just Saturday and Sunday. I'm challenging myself and you to enjoy a little weekend fun in the middle of the week. The beauty of this is it can be a small venture or a big venture. As long as you choose what you do then it will be just right. Below I have compiled a list of things that could bring a little excitement to the middle of the week.

Here are the ingredients. If it's something that allows you to venture from the ordinary routine of the week, then it should be included. If it makes you feel like it's the weekend then you should include it.

1. Take a different route home
2. Go to the park
3. Go to dinner with a friend
4. Go listen to live music
5. Dress up
6. Go see a movie
7. Go for yogurt or ice cream
8. Takes pictures in the park
9. Go for a massage
10. Go get a mani/pedi

What would you include in your list to make your mid-week feel like the weekend?

A couple of weeks ago I had a chance to live this out. It felt great. I felt a little tired, but I needed the excitement. I went to a see Marsha Ambrosius live in concert at a local venue. Here it was the middle of the week and I was standing in a room full of people standing shoulder to shoulder bobbing our heads to the sounds of the LoveNoise Tour. It felt good in that moment. It felt good to get a glimpse of the weekend in the middle of my week. Below are a few pictures from my weekend fun on the weekday.

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