Sunday, April 6, 2014

About the Blog | Love, Life, and Locks

About the Blog

I only have three tabs: Love, Life, and Locks. These three broad categories is the title for my blog and everything I post falls within one of those categories.


I will post anything in this tab that I love. It could be a person, a hobby, photography, book reviews, writing, interests, etc. Currently I have been posting recipes in this category because of my love for food. It's also known as my #FoodieFriday posts. I post my creative writing and poetry under this category. I'm participating in the #NaPoWriMo for April 2014 and all my poems will be posted in this tab. The following posts will be starting soon or are currently included in the Love tab.

FoodieFriday I post healthy and gluten-free recipes that I like to cook. Most are a spin on a recipes I've seen or a mixture of different things I have tried over the years. Are you a foodie? Check out those posts. I post every Friday.

Wet Polish Wednesday I will post at least once a month, possibly more, about what nail polish and design I am rocking. I usually do my own nails so I may even include some tips on how to achieve the look.


This tab is any life musings, traveling experiences, inspiration/motivation, personal development, life lessons, product reviews(some), music, fashion, and possible tags will be placed under this tab. The following posts will be starting soon and they will be included in the Life tab.

iTunes Tuesday I LOVE music but music is LIFE. It's life because oftentimes it mimics life and helps to guide us through life experiences. Now that I think about it books can do that too. So I make an executive decision to place music in this tab. These post will include my current playlist, and I will post biweekly. I hope to hip you to some artist or songs you haven't heard and I hope you will do the same in the comments.

Mid-Week Motivation Everyone needs a little motivation. I will post things that are helpful or motivating. I hope to update these posts weekly.

DIY Saturday These posts will be ideas and how to for DIY projects that I am working on or have completed. I post at least once a month.


This tab is dedicated to my sister lock journey. I have some older post from the beginning of my lock journey here. The lockaversary posts are in this category. Any new posting about anything dealing with my locks will be added under this tab category. I have some posts ideas that I plan to kick start.

Sisterlock Talk This will be posts about any lock updates, experiences, concerns/issues or tips I have to offer. This will also be a segment on my Youtube channel.

Thank you for stopping by!  I look forward to hearing from you. :-)


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