Monday, March 31, 2014

5 Year Lockaversary #Sisterlocks

5 Year Lockaversary

Each lockaversary affords the opportunity to reflect on lock progress, to continue what works best, and to discontinue the unsuccessful. It also gives me a chance to recommit to providing my hair the best care. I admit locks at times have made me a little lazy.

In this 5th year of lockdom, I have taken on more responsibility by retightening my own hair. This makes having locks not so much fun. It's hard work. For me it's hard work that lasts for hours. The not so fun part of maintenance is quickly forgotten when I am able to rock a new style with my freshly retightened locks.

Some things I am looking forward to:

  • New styles and techniques for longer locks. There are so many styles that I want to try!
  • Retightening my whole head by myself and improving on the time it takes.
  • Going all black again (I want to dye it back black. I am not liking the two tones)


  • Lint (Anyone have any tips?)
  • Swimming (I want to swim more but wonder if it will cause lock issues.)

Below are a few pictures of styles I have done within the last year. I also have comparison shots of my locks over the years.

Braided Updo on Sisterlocks
Bantu Knot Out

Day 1 vs. Day 1790 of Sisterlocks

1 year of Sisterlock growth

Be sure to check out my Youtube channel for tutorials of some of the styles and more pictures.

If you have any questions about my lock experience, let me know in the comments. When is your lockaversary and how long have you had your locks?

-Love, Life, and Locks

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