Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Internet! A Personal Trip Down Memory Lane

Twenty-five years ago today, Sir Tim Berners-Lee wrote a proposal for the internet. Happy Birthday World Wide Web! I don't know if Sir Tim- Berners-Lee had imagined how many people he would affect with the invention, but it has changed the world in a vast way. The internet as we know it has grown through a lot of changes. As it matures it seems to get better in many ways, but also seems to pose more concerns. The internet has been called the "information super highway". It provides a platform for just about any and everything a person could imagine.

The internet has been around for as long as I have been around. I cannot recall my first time on the internet, but I do remember some of my beginning experiences. Let's take a personal trip down memory lane as I acknowledge Twelve ways the internet has affected me within these twenty-five years.

1. Email
In 6th grade I signed up for my first free email account through Hotmail. I have had a few other accounts since then. Email has proved useful for virtually keeping up with professional and personal information. In some cases it has taken the place of calling.

2. Live journal
This personal journal helped me to process my life as a college student.

3. Youtube
To me, Youtube is internet itself. It has at times been a source of entertainment, education, motivation, awareness, and news. I have been signed up since 2006 and making videos since 2008. It's my entertainment and hobby of choice and can't imagine if it didn't exist or ceased to exist.

4. Blogging
My thoughts on paper are cool but my thoughts on a computer screen seem magical.

5. Web page
At one point in my life I was obsessed with learning html so that I could create a webpage about myself.

6. Facebook
Since the first time I signed up in 2006 it's been a way to keep up with family, friends, and new acquaintances and away to share what's going on in my life through pictures and commentary. It's also been a safe outlet for keeping in touch with new people without giving away your personal number.

7. Twitter
It reminds me of a sound bit. Life is fast at times and tweets can capture the simple thoughts and things that we experience in a concise way.

8. Friendship
I have met a few friends through the internet. I doubt I would have connected with them had it not been for the internet. It also allows me to keep up with friends that live far away.

9. Banking
The advancements for online banking has allowed money transfers and bill pay to be quicker than the snap of my fingers. I don't have to wait to cash a check; it can be directly deposited into my account.

10. Education
In undergrad and grad school I had opportunities to connect within the education community for classes. I attended one online class and I didn't have to go to campus.

11. Information
I can research at the click of a button and quickly find the answer to just about anything

12. Connections
I have learned about many opportunities through postings on the internet.

Can you imagine what life would be life without the internet?
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