Thursday, April 21, 2016

He Brought the FUNK to the Dome

On our feet
Rocking from side to side.
Feel good music blasting through our left and right ear drum.
Catching beats,
reminiscing about each memory the song took us back to.
Time stood still.
From face to face 
just happiness and love spread
throughout the Super Dome
and it was like without warning he was exiting.
Us, the whole crowd not ready for his departure started to hum.
It was like some unseen choir director had us on cue in unison humming Purple Rain.
We called him back not with our voices but with his music.
He heard us and came back out to bring more FUNK. 

His music is timeless. His music will always bring him back to us. 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Happy National Haiku Poetry Day- April 17th

I wrote several haikus today to celebrate National Haiku Day. Enjoy! I challenge you to pen some haikus.
Fears alter people
Taking the less risky path
to avoid what ifs

She was his true love
Stimulated her
mind and her heart first

Flows through my body
reacting to each target
removing all pain

Thursday, March 31, 2016


Tomorrow is the beginning of National Poetry Writing Month. The challenge is to write a poem a day for all 30 days in April. Anyone up for the challenge? I will be writing daily and I will be posting some of my poems here on the blog. Below is me oiling up my poetic gears. Each time I pick up a pen to write it always feels like something takes control.

Letting you see the tears that flow from a place of shame and hurt
Drawing closer to you with each thought and confessing that your well being and bringing you joy makes my world seem more than just all right 
Admitting when I'm wrong even when I'd convinced myself that I am never wrong 
Allowing you to be there next to me in the moments and places in which I don't even want to be there. 
Uncovering the growing pains of learning more about myself
Releasing the urge to always be in control and planned
Trusting to share my dreams and aspirations 
Giving my time and energy 
Exposing myself over and over to the possibilities of being embraced or rejected. 
Swallowing the mouthful of what point I wanted to make even when no point needed to be made.
Accepting help and advice and not just depending on myself
Saying a thing in which could make you seem brilliant or completely stupid but saying it anyway

J Renee

Saturday, March 26, 2016

7 Things I've Learned about Locs

March 22 marked 7 years since I started my Sisterlock Journey. I still can't believe it has been that long. This journey has brought many joys and slight challenges. Either way I think it's one of the best hair decisions I have made. Every journey takes a period of getting use to. The locing process has taken getting use to a new outlook on hair and its many transformations, a new way of maintaining, and a new way of style that shows its versatility.  Click any loc word to find a video from my loc journey.

1. Locs can be transformed into just about any way you want it to look. Locs are versatile and I'm still amazed at the different styles I've been able to achieve and the different styles I've seen people rock.

2. Locs are low maintenance but not no maintenance.

3. Everyone's locs are all unique. There are no to heads of locs that are exactly the same and respond exactly the same way to the same loc care.

4. Locs can be both freeing and restrictive. It all just depends on your perspective.

5. In order to enjoy your loc journey you just got to have fun with your hair. 

6. Locs will grow at their own pace no matter how hard you wish and dream the growth to speed up. Focus on healthy locs not just long locs.

7. Know that your locs are not going to be perfect but love each loc anyway.

Below are pictures and videos from each year of my Sisterlock Journey.

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