Sunday, December 20, 2015

The List: 32 While 32

This is my 32nd year. I have decided to create a list again, but this time it will include 32 things I want to do over the next 362 days. Look back at my previous list here. I did not  complete everything on my list but I did have fun with everything I did do. I have more friends on board holding me accountable this time around. I actually was able to complete an item on my list today (12/20/2015). More than anything this is a list that reminds me to seek new experiences and enjoy life. You only hit 32 once so living it up is a must. I encourage you to join me in this challenge. Create a list (any length you choose). Check off the items as you complete them. Have fun. Take Pictures/ videos.

I will be updating as I complete items. I'm excited and looking forward to this year and all the joys it will bring. Follow me on twitter and instagram as well under the hashtag #32while32.

Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6 #NaPoWriMo

I love participating in a poem a day for National Poetry Writing Month. I will post some of my poems  on my blog and some I will just keep on paper. Feel free to comment and return for more.

My Words

I pray that my words are soft pillows to your ears
that they wrap you in warmth and comfort
that they shield you from any harm or danger.
they gird you above the mountains of disbelief
they give you a firm post from which to lean on
that they paint joy across the windows of your brain
that my words press and imprint upon your every heart beat.
that my words be 
life itself 
taking deep breaths
overpowering any shallow whimpers that do not multiply
my truth, 
my power, 
my love, and peace.

© 2015 J Renee 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Friday, January 16, 2015

30 While 30 Update

Send Me Mail
I started the P.O Box in an effort to reach out to my Youtube subscribers and a way to direct order track for my crochet business. Send me mail!

Online Crochet Website
In November I kicked started the online crochet website J Renee Crochet. I have had a few orders since it opened. I was also able to offer some holiday discounts. The crochet website will continue to grow within this new year. I'm glad that in 2014 I was able to get my feet wet in starting the business. I have future aspirations of doing craft shows or salon shows.

I was beyond excited applying for my passport. Even though I had printed the application in October, took the passport picture in early December, I finally applied during the last week of 2014. I missed by birthday deadline by twelve days. But it's in commute now. I am looking forward to receiving it soon.

Hosting a Dinner Party
I hosted a Friendsgiving event with a few friends right before Thanksgiving. It was catered with traditional Thanksgiving foods. We had cauliflower au gratin, turkey, cranberry sensation, quinoa and broccoli casserole. It was delicious. I shared a pretty awesome announce and we just fellowshipped. A few of my friends I hadn't seen in weeks so we got an opportunity to catch up.

Visiting New Places
I visited a lot of new places. I do not think I documented all the places I went. I did document at least 30. Below will be a picture collage of some of the awesome venues and eateries I visited.

The places are in random order.
This is a restaurant in the midtown area of my hometown. They serve tacos and tapas. The atmosphere is nice and they play music overhead. When you order guacamole they come and prepare it at your table. Typing this and thinking about it makes me want to go back like NOW. I ordered three tacos on soft corn tortillas. I got the chicken and I got the shrimp. They looked mini but they filled me up.

Each volunteer experience I participated in was fun. The Ghouls at Grassmere was a Halloween event. Parents brought their little ones dressed up in costumes. Some of the parents dressed up as well. It was really adorable. I was feeling baby fever when i saw all the little ones and kept hearing them say, Trick or treat and thank you.

During the Harvest Day event we were able to show the kids how to play some of the wooden toys from way back in the day. Some of the toys I actually had a chance to play with when I was younger, but the kids of today had no idea about those toys. It was volunteering but I was having fun seeing the smile on the kids faces. I had a chance to meet a lady who was part of the exhibit who offered to teach me to knit for free. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to go back to the event a second day to take her up on that offer.

Listed below are the many things that I did scratch off my list during 2014. There are a few things that I did not execute. I'm planning to add these items to my vision board/list for this year. It was great to do the list. It was a source of motivation for doing the things that I wanted to do.

1. Essence Festival 7/3/14 Essence blog post
2. Try sushi 4/12/14 and 12/6/14
3. Revive and Maintain a public blog 3/2014 Ongoing
4. Photo shoot
5. Get a passport  applied 12/29/14
6. Go zip lining 9/20/14
7. Go to a Heat game 3/24/14
8. 30 poems (NaPoWriMo2014) April/2014
9. Start Ira
10. Recite poem live
11. Start a P.O. Box 9/13/14
12. Try 30 new hairstyles (17 out of 30)*  messy bun, flat wist on both sides, style for peggy's b day, victory rolls, front bang, bun, new year's eve  
13. Travel to California
14. Host a dinner party Friendsgiving 11/23/14
15. Travel to Miami 3/24/14
16. Try 30 new recipes  (7 of 30) salmon, chicken salad, breakfast quesadilla
17. Make a scrapbook
18. Visit 30 new places w/in and outside of city (19 out of 30)*  zip line, african street festival, shakespeare in the park, italian lights festival, zoo, bar Louie's, Massage Envy, Babalu, the beauty shop, abuelos, Sips & Strokes
19. Spa day (massage/nails) 10/8/14
20. Donate $300 to a charity or non profit foundation 
21. 10 random acts of kindness Grocery store $20/ Make hair accessory for CanadianQueen nieces
22. Send 10 letters (friends and family) 
23. Read at least 10 books 
24. Complete a pinterest DIY project
25. Write 30 pages of my novel
26. Save $1,000 8/2014
27. Gain X lb.
28. Learn to knit
29. Start crochet website  11/7/14
30. Volunteer 10 hours to... various service projects   9/27 /14 (zoo) 8:30-2:30,  10/5/14  (NCT) 1:30-2:30 Ghouls at Grassmere 4:30-9:30 (zoo)

I'm thrilled about the new experiences set for 2015. Go along with me on this journey. Make your journey great as well. :-)

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