Friday, February 19, 2010

Sisterlocks Day 332

Birthday hair 12/17/09

Greetings sistahs and brothas out there in cyberspace! ! have been horrible at updating this blog, but life happens away from the computer. I am always motivated and inspired when I see pictures of other sistahs who are really rocking their natural doo.. be it locks or loose hair. It's all so beautiful to me. So I must drop in to share as well, and hopefully inspire others the way I have been inspired timeless amount of times. God Bless all!

Christmas updo 12/25/09: Lochawk

I have had my sisterlocks for 332 days. They have really been growing. I am at a stage that feels kind of awkward.. I feel that they need to be a little longer to achieve the styles that I would like to try. I will miss this stage when they get longer, but I long for longer. My hair grows in layers too! You will see in the pictures. I want it to be all the same length. Ha! I am just letting it do its thing so it will catch up with the other locks one day. I got my hair retightened on Wednesday 2/17/10 (Month 11). On another note, does anyone have hair that grows in between their sisterlock parts? My loctician says that it was normal, but oddly enough I still find it strange.

Gala style 1/15/10

This journey has been exciting and interesting to say the least. I get some random and funny comments and compliments from people on a weekly basis. The recent buzz from at least five individuals has been, "I love your hair!" Then they whisper, "Is it all yours?" or "Is it real?" "Can I touch it". "It's so soft and so curly... how do you get it to do that? "How much does it cost?" They are so curious and will just about ask any question. I don't mind answering though because I was once curious, but I wasn't bold enough to question others I didn't know. I even got male attention the other day... I wish I could remember what he said. It was smooth though and it made me blush. There truly is no bad hair day. Even when it's time for a retigthtening I still get compliments.

Lock goals:
Wash more
Try more styles
Sleep bonnet free on satin pillow case
Avoid rough styles that pull too much

2/2010 Month 11 retightening

Notice the layers?

Love, life, and locks