Monday, March 29, 2010

This week is my spring break, so I have some free time. I should definitely update a little more. Today I got a pedicure with my mom. Girly day.. .it was needed. My toe nails are blue now. Can't wait to start my sandal game. I searched three stores trying to get Monica's album this weekend. No luck. Today though, I jsut bought an iTunes card and I justed downloaded the album. So far it's great (only heard the first song. .. lol!). I have been hearing a lot of great reviews about this album. Monica has been one of my favorites since I was in elementary. I'm thinking about getting Usher's cd too. I always like his albums. Music is jsut so thought provoking. It can help you get over a situation, move you into a situation, or keep you in a situation.

I'm thinking about washing my hair tomorrow and doing some bantu knots. If I do I may post pictures. I like the curl, but I kind of want to try straight locks for a day. Mine curl even if I don't do anything to them. Enjoy the video of pictures. I posted this on facebook about three months ago. I am going to make an updated video to celebrate my lockaversary. Those of you who were natural before your locks, do you celebrate or recognize your nappiversary and lockaverary? My nappiversary is Dec.22 is the day I cut my permed ends. My lockaversary is March 23, the day my locks were installed. I do believe I am being rather technical.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

It is official! I have been sisterlocked for one year. March the 23rd was my one year lockaversary. I am ready for my retightening, I think my loctician decided to stretch my time span, because I have alot of new growth. I want to learn how to tighten myself, but I know that will be a task, working on my own head.

I notice that I have gained a lot of growth within the past few months. When I look from October to now... those few months make a big difference. I still have shringage, but where my hair shrinks to looks much longer than what it use to shrink to. Any tips/ advice on how to stretch locks... and avoid shrinkage after washing?

This summer I desperately (even now) want to go swimming. Any of you swim with sisterlocks in your first year? I wonder how long I have to wait. That's another question I want to ask my loctician. I want to color my hair too. have never done any real color, besides a rinse which could barely be seen and that was when I had a perm. I wonder how long do I have to wait before can color? That's question number two to ask my loctician. I don't know what color, and I just want some of the hair colored to begin with. I'm trying more styles when I go out. i'm just so excited, because the longer it gets the more styles that I can try.

Happy to be nappy! Enjoy the pictures!