Monday, June 1, 2009

Sisterlock'd Mohawk

Styles for shorter length Sisterlocks.

Style #1 Sisterlock'd Mohawk

This style was achieved by sectioning the hair across the head horizontally. I started in the front and I sectioned a smaller amount than the other sections. I flat twisted it to the right (my preference). I flat twist up both sides of the first section and the loose locks were positioned more to the right. The second section was gathered in the top middle and secured with a rubber band. All of the consecutive sections were gathered in the middle and secured with a rubber band. The style was pretty simple.

To Lock or Not to Lock... that is the question

I had been debating about sisterlocks since I first heard about them over a year ago. I was like no... I can't do locks. That is too permanenet... what If I want my real hair back, as if locked hair is not real. Then I started to really consider it. The more I looked at pictures the more determined I became in starting the sisterlock journey. Then there was the question of where do I go to find someone that is reliable. After checking the SL site I recovered three numbers. But which one to choose? I guess I could have tried price checking. I assumed it would all be the same.. and once I set my mind the price wasn't much of an issue. So I decided I'd select the loctian with a slaon. I finally dialed the number and just the one step set me well on my way to lockdom. I quickly scheduled the initial consultation, and once I was told the specifics I set up my starter lock date and then the actual installation date. Iwas on pins and needles in anticipation for my installation date.

The day finally arrived on March 23, 2009. I sat for fourteen hours and my locks were birthed. I have been enjoying them every since. I hope to post as many hair styles for my length as possible. I see a shortage of styles online for short sisterlocked hair. I know you don't have to wait for it to be down your back to start styling them.

As of today my locks are 2 months and 9 days old. I got my first all over retightening on May 30, 2009. I am so thrilled about this new natural journey. My goal is to have healthy locks that flow down my back. Yes, long and lovely.
The night before installation. It's also a good view of the nine starter locks that i kept for about 3 weeks.

A Texture View of my locks on installation day

A view of how small and neat the parts are organized.