Monday, August 25, 2014

Update #2 | 30 While 30

Here's my second update for my 30 while 30 list. These check ins remind me I need to get to doing. I still have quite a few things to check out off my list. I have a made a little progress.

New Hair Styles

I created the side twist bun, a curl mohawk, barrel roll mohawk, spiral curls, and bang styles. You can check out my tutorials on my Youtube Channel.

New Recipes

I made Shrimp crustless quiche and turley wrapped mini quiche.

New Places (food mainly)
I have been to a few different eateries since my last post. My colleague and I ventured to the Wild Wasabi one afternoon after I left work. I ordered the shrimp fried rice and a glass of plum wine. The wine tastes different than I remember, but it's been years since I tasted it.

I checked out a Cuban restaurant called Guanatamara with my work staff. I ordered the chicken breast with fried plantains. I need to try to cook those at home.

I went to Eggs and I with my thrifting group. This restaurant reminded me of IHOP. Mainly because it smells like syrup.

A Matter of Taste, a gluten free restaurant, was cozy and enjoyable place I visited with a few close friends. I ordered the half turkey brie and white bean chicken chili with a corn muffin.

Salsa, a Puerto Rican Restaurant, had the delicious plantain stuffed chicken breast with seasonal vegetables.

When I visited my sister back in June we went to an asian buffet that had should food too. I cannot remember the name of it.

In New Orleans we ate at Neyows and I ordered fish, potatoes, and seasonal vegetables.

On my first meet up with my thrifting group we went to a Goodwill near Lennox. It was fun of great finds. I definitely got lost in there for over two hours.

I used live Jazz music on the Cumberland back in June. The setting was nice. I really enjoyed when the sun started to go down because  it wasn't as hot anymore. The music was relaxing, and I enjoyed chatting with my friends.

1. Essence Festival 7/3/14 Essence blog post
2. Try sushi 4/12/14
3. Revive and Maintain a public blog 3/2014 Ongoing
4. Photo shoot
5. Get a passport
6. Go zip lining
7. Go to a Heat game 3/24/14
8. 30 poems (NaPoWriMo2014) April/2014
9. Start Ira
10. Recite poem live
11. Start a P.O. Box
12. Try 30 new hairstyles (17 out of 30)*
13. Travel to California
14. Host a dinner party
15. Travel to Miami 3/24/14
16. Try 30 new recipes  (4 of 30)
17. Make a scrapbook
18. Visit 30 new places w/in and outside of city (13 out of 30)*
19. Spa day (massage/nails)
20. Donate $300 to a charity or non profit foundation
21. 10 random acts of kindness
22. Send 10 letters (friends and family)
23. Read at least 10 books
24. Complete a pinterest DIY project
25. Write 30 pages of my novel
26. Save $1,000 8/2014
27. Gain X lb.
28. Learn to knit
29. Start crochet website
30. Volunteer 10 hours to... various service projects

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

30 Styles | Versatility

Check out some of the styles I have created with my sisterlocks over the past 15 months. Follow me on Pinterest, IG,  Youtube, Twitter, and this blog to stay update with tutorials and current styles. Post any questions below.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Creating Springy Bouncy Spiral Curls | Wrapaloc Review

Wrapaloc is a best kept secret. I had not heard of this curling styling tool until I attended the ATL Loc Appreciation Day meet up in June. I have used quite a few curling tools and each one creates it's own effect. I like the looks that the Wrapaloc tools create.

I purchased the Wrapaloc product back in June. I had a chance to use the products twice. The first time I made big spirals because I packed a lot of my locs on each tool. I purchased 2 packs (40 tools), and in order to curl all of my hair I overloaded the tools. The second time I used the tools, I only put 5-7 locs on a tool. I was able to create bouncy spiral curls.
This was how my hair looked while rolling the locs on the tool.
These are pictures of two ways you can style the hair with the tools in. You can wear the tools in the hair and still style it. The tools can be worn out of the house while the curls are forming and people will not know you have rollers in your hair.

First Time Application
I rolled the hair damp and  I oiled my locs during the application. I kept the tools in for two days. The tools can be used as a style before the style but I didn't really style them because there was so much hair on each tool. I took out the tools and I immediately pulled apart the curls. I had big bouncy, spiral curls as a result. The curls lasted until I wet my hair. I kept the curls for 3 weeks. The only product I used during the rolling was a little hair oil and I made sure my hair was damp. The tools can create spiral curls, waves, small curls, medium curls, and large curls depending on how much hair you add to the tool.

Second Time Application
The difference in this application was that I only put 5-7 locs on each tool. I still only had 40 tools, so I had to do knot locks in the back. It took me about 2.5 hours to roll the hair. I kept the tools in for one day. I wore the spiral ring curls four days. It was comfortable to sleep with the tools in because I didn't rolling the hair too tightly. The tools produced long bouncy spiral curls. The curls were precise, tight, and elongated. I pulled the curls apart and more the full spirals curls for three weeks. They lasted until I washed my hair.

The Wrapaloc tool is safe for the hair, and it allows for a tight elongated curl. The tool is wrapped with a black type of silicone covering and they are durable. The tools can be bent, folded, and unfolded to the original shape. It doesn't stick to the hair or become tangled. It is perfectly good for curling the hair and you can keep the tools in for over a week. The tools come in three sizes: small, medium, and large.  The tools should be purchased based on the length of your hair. The tool should be half the length of your hair. It can be used on loose natural hair, permed hair, and loc'd hair.  I used the large Wrapaloc tool on my locs.

The curls the tool created were uniform, because of how I curled them on the tool. I like that you can style the hair with the tools, wear the hair in the spiral ring curls, and then wear the curls pulled apart.

It is $22 per pack of 20 tools, and I think it's worth the looks it creates. Typically 2 packs should be enough. I have over 400 locs so I have to use 3-4 packs. I ordered online and it took 4 business days to arrive.

Overall I absolutely loved the results both times that I used the tools. Post questions or comments below.

I currently have a giveaway going on my Youtube channel for 2 packs of Wrapaloc tools. Check it out if interested.

20th Annual Essence Music Festival

I had no clue what to expect before attending my first Essence Festival. It was a great time and I already plan to attend again next year. I arrived in New Orleans on Friday at 6:15 a.m. Below is a recap of the mini trip.

Day 1
During the day we attended the events at the convention center. There were tons of people everywhere. The day was filled with surprises and opportunities to meet celebs. We stood in several lines to collect freebies that were being given away. I took a photo with Lance Gross at the StateFarm booth. McDonald's was giving away mini strawberry smoothies, Monopoly games, reusable bags, and hosting an audience fashion show. The Coca Cola booth was having a big house party with a dance floor that was playing all the ole school feel good jams. We stood in line to get our free cans of coke with our names on it.

Prince requested everyone wear purple so we dressed in our purple attire. When we entered the stadium Janelle Monae was on stage. She started singing one of my favorites, "Primetime". We hadn't even found our seats but I had stopped in he middle of the breezeway to start singing the song. In my mind, I was the back up singer.

Before the next performer came out Dougie Fresh had us jamming' to all the classic songs. Everybody across the packed stadium was rocking'. We stood in front of our seats and danced to every song. When Prince made it to the stage at 11:30, we were warmed up and ready for the funk.

It was my first time ever seeing Prince in concert. I was glad I got a chance to be in the building. At the end of his set, Prince left the stage, but no one moved. Everyone just started humming "Purple Rain". It was as if everyone was saying you can't perform without doing that song. After a continuous hum, Prince came back and gave us what we asked for. He had like four outros. Each time the audience wanted more. We he finally exited the stage at 1:30 We still looked at the stage wondering whether he was going to give us more or whether that was really the finale.

Day 2
We went back to the convention because there was still so much we had not done or seen. I got a chance to sit in on Stevie Harvey and Nichols launching their Act Like A Success program. They shared some motivating and encouraging tips for kick starting the dream or business venture.

When we left the convention center we made our way to Neyows Restaurant for some local New Orleans food. It was a cozy place right off from the French Quarters. The food was good. I ordered fish and potatoes.

We rode the trolley through the french Quarter area and walked around the area.

Day 3

I boarded my bus at 9 am to head back to reality.

Check out the vlogs from the trip on my youtube channel ibylvlogs.