Saturday, May 20, 2017

Summer Reading 2017

This summer I'm challenging myself to read more books. Last year alone I didn't read anything outside of work obligations. My book club was also inactive so I wasn't even worrying. Now did I pick up books last year? Yes. But I never finished them. My book club is back active now. I no longer have tv at home or unlimited wifi. And during the summer I don't have to mosey in to a workplace, so I get 8 weeks of do-with-your-time-what-you-want. All of these factors I'm sure play a role in what I make time for. So far this year I've read Another Brooklyn (verse), We Love You Charlie Freeman, The Couple Next Door (psychological), 40 Acres (psychological), Around the Way Girl (memoir), and Unashamed (memoir audiobook). My goal for the year on Goodreads is 12 Books but I'm going to increase it to 34 total. 

I'm going to enjoy reading All Summer 17. I just got an idea just now while typing this post. Since it's 2017, I should read 17 books instead of the 16 I was planning. I really don't like odd numbers. So I'm going to stick to 16 and if I manage an extra one then so be it. But I'm only planning for 16. 

Summer Reading Challenge
2 books a week= 16 books to read in 8 Weeks

1. Everything, Everything 
2. All the Little Pieces (psychological)
3. The Shining
4. Landlines 
5. Blink
6. Tipping Point
7. Things I Should Have Told My Daughters (memoir)
8. One of Us is Lying (psychological 
9. What it Means When a Man Falls from the Sky (short story)
10. Engagement Game (love)
11. If I Loved you I Would Tell You This (short story)
12. 10-10-10
13. We Are Only Taking What We Need
14. No One is Coming to Save Us 
15. Mid Adventures of an Awkward Black Girl (audio)
16. Black Privelege (audio)

I will be reading book #1 first but the other book will be read in random order. 

Share with me if you have read any of these books. Also share with me what books you are reading this summer. If we happen to read the same book, I'd be so thrilled to discuss with you. What's a book if we can't talk about it with someone?