Friday, April 6, 2012

"May I Help You"

Here's my new post for NaPoWriMo

“May I Help You?”
By Jamie D.

I felt your presence
Then we locked eyes
But not in your effort to pursue me
But rather to ask me if I needed help
I did think it slightly questionable when you passed
I felt a delay before you asked.

In another part of the store all alone
You found me again
Walking pass as if
Knowing I was now ready for your help
We locked eyes again
And it was very pleasant to look at you
Dark, smooth, chocolate skin
And those innocent, humble eyes
And the soothing voice slipping out.

Even at the register I found us locking eyes
In snyc again
No more help needed
No other connection to keep us in the moment
As I pushed through the door and entered outdoors
I wanted to glance back to lock eyes once more
Then I toyed with the fantasy
That’d you’d exit your store to stop
Me in the parking lot
And say, “I’d like to get to know you”
By the time I reached the car
It became real that maybe our eye flirting
Was merely the necessary looking in order to carry out your job
And me being solo in this miniature infatuation.
It doesn’t matter anyway, because I’ve appraised you as
an amateur.

210 words
&copy 2012

9:56 pm 4/6/12
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