Sunday, April 1, 2012

April is National Poetry Writing Month

Today is April 1st and it's the beginning of National Poetry Writing Month. I have accepted a challenge to write one poem (100 words or more) a day for the entire month. "May it be ever in your favor" *in my best Effie voice*. I will post the poems here daily. I may even highlight a poet or a poem that I like. It will be written on the day of the post. I use to write poetry all the time. Hopefully this will encourage me to get back to it. Today's poem is not a happy one; it comes from a place of confusion.

“This is Unhealthy”
by Jamie Dunlap

This is unhealthy
I wanted to know, but I wasn’t ready for the response.
I would have rather the question to go unanswered
and I fill in my own assumption that eased my mind
this is unhealthy.

I trashed every tangible picture, card, or text that you sent me
But there is not an eraser big enough to remove
the imprints
in my heart
or the spaces
taken up in my mind.
This is unhealthy.

When the simple progression of a day
you on my mind
seems futile
when the following day is
inundated with fantasies
about our happily ever after
simply sent into overdrive
from a text.
This is unhealthy.

I refuse to believe
I am not dreaming.
Oh if I were the writer in this story
Rather a character acting out a subconscious
This is unhealthy.
&copy 2012

(140 words)

Written 4/01/12 at 1:07 pm
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