Monday, June 30, 2008


When I drove up I noticed the people wrapped around the building. I walked in to the Shelby County Clerk's office today and apparently everyone else in the city had the same idea.. Gotta get tags. They weren't for me though I don't expire till later this year. I was getting the tags for my dad. So I made my way through the crowd and tore off a number, G52. I looked up at the count and it was on 66. Wait did they skip me? No they were on F66. Quite a way to go, right? They were moving pretty fast. I peered around and found me a seat next to a nice lady. I pulled out a novel, tried to sound out the noise, and I started reading. At about fifteen minutes to close one of the clerks made an announcement (were on F99 by then). One thing in particular caught my attention. WE NO LONGER ALLOW YOU TO GET TAGS FOR SOMEONE ELSE UNLESS YOUR NAME IS ON THE REGISTRATION... At that point I was like there are 52 more people before they get to me. I could sit and try my luck or not. So I called my dad, and he advised me to check downtown. I should have listened from the beginning but I absolutely dislike the downtown cluster of chaos called parking. But I headed on down there and I was in and out no questions asked. Apparently no one else likes going downtown either because up the road where I came from there were hundreds of people and downtown there were a handful.

I know you are like where is she going with the story. Well once I realized at the first office that they wouldn't be able to fulfill the service I sought... I got up and made my way through the crowd. I needed to try the other location before they closed. So as I was heading towards the door I thought, I have a ticket someone could have. I stopped to talk to a friend of the family who I hadn't seen in a while and asked her what her number was. She didn't need it because she came before me. I said, "Well I'm trying to give my ticket away." A lady in front of her turned around and said," Can I have it?" I'm like, "Sure I'm G52." She said," you are blessing me, thank you!" I don't know why that stuck with me. I don't know why I kept replaying those words in my head as I drove to the other location. "YOU ARE BLESSING ME, THANK YOU!" Six words, but even though she said I blessed her she was actually blessing me... I really don't know how yet but I was meant to hear that today.
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