Saturday, August 23, 2014

Creating Springy Bouncy Spiral Curls | Wrapaloc Review

Wrapaloc is a best kept secret. I had not heard of this curling styling tool until I attended the ATL Loc Appreciation Day meet up in June. I have used quite a few curling tools and each one creates it's own effect. I like the looks that the Wrapaloc tools create.

I purchased the Wrapaloc product back in June. I had a chance to use the products twice. The first time I made big spirals because I packed a lot of my locs on each tool. I purchased 2 packs (40 tools), and in order to curl all of my hair I overloaded the tools. The second time I used the tools, I only put 5-7 locs on a tool. I was able to create bouncy spiral curls.
This was how my hair looked while rolling the locs on the tool.
These are pictures of two ways you can style the hair with the tools in. You can wear the tools in the hair and still style it. The tools can be worn out of the house while the curls are forming and people will not know you have rollers in your hair.

First Time Application
I rolled the hair damp and  I oiled my locs during the application. I kept the tools in for two days. The tools can be used as a style before the style but I didn't really style them because there was so much hair on each tool. I took out the tools and I immediately pulled apart the curls. I had big bouncy, spiral curls as a result. The curls lasted until I wet my hair. I kept the curls for 3 weeks. The only product I used during the rolling was a little hair oil and I made sure my hair was damp. The tools can create spiral curls, waves, small curls, medium curls, and large curls depending on how much hair you add to the tool.

Second Time Application
The difference in this application was that I only put 5-7 locs on each tool. I still only had 40 tools, so I had to do knot locks in the back. It took me about 2.5 hours to roll the hair. I kept the tools in for one day. I wore the spiral ring curls four days. It was comfortable to sleep with the tools in because I didn't rolling the hair too tightly. The tools produced long bouncy spiral curls. The curls were precise, tight, and elongated. I pulled the curls apart and more the full spirals curls for three weeks. They lasted until I washed my hair.

The Wrapaloc tool is safe for the hair, and it allows for a tight elongated curl. The tool is wrapped with a black type of silicone covering and they are durable. The tools can be bent, folded, and unfolded to the original shape. It doesn't stick to the hair or become tangled. It is perfectly good for curling the hair and you can keep the tools in for over a week. The tools come in three sizes: small, medium, and large.  The tools should be purchased based on the length of your hair. The tool should be half the length of your hair. It can be used on loose natural hair, permed hair, and loc'd hair.  I used the large Wrapaloc tool on my locs.

The curls the tool created were uniform, because of how I curled them on the tool. I like that you can style the hair with the tools, wear the hair in the spiral ring curls, and then wear the curls pulled apart.

It is $22 per pack of 20 tools, and I think it's worth the looks it creates. Typically 2 packs should be enough. I have over 400 locs so I have to use 3-4 packs. I ordered online and it took 4 business days to arrive.

Overall I absolutely loved the results both times that I used the tools. Post questions or comments below.

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