Monday, August 25, 2014

Update #2 | 30 While 30

Here's my second update for my 30 while 30 list. These check ins remind me I need to get to doing. I still have quite a few things to check out off my list. I have a made a little progress.

New Hair Styles

I created the side twist bun, a curl mohawk, barrel roll mohawk, spiral curls, and bang styles. You can check out my tutorials on my Youtube Channel.

New Recipes

I made Shrimp crustless quiche and turley wrapped mini quiche.

New Places (food mainly)
I have been to a few different eateries since my last post. My colleague and I ventured to the Wild Wasabi one afternoon after I left work. I ordered the shrimp fried rice and a glass of plum wine. The wine tastes different than I remember, but it's been years since I tasted it.

I checked out a Cuban restaurant called Guanatamara with my work staff. I ordered the chicken breast with fried plantains. I need to try to cook those at home.

I went to Eggs and I with my thrifting group. This restaurant reminded me of IHOP. Mainly because it smells like syrup.

A Matter of Taste, a gluten free restaurant, was cozy and enjoyable place I visited with a few close friends. I ordered the half turkey brie and white bean chicken chili with a corn muffin.

Salsa, a Puerto Rican Restaurant, had the delicious plantain stuffed chicken breast with seasonal vegetables.

When I visited my sister back in June we went to an asian buffet that had should food too. I cannot remember the name of it.

In New Orleans we ate at Neyows and I ordered fish, potatoes, and seasonal vegetables.

On my first meet up with my thrifting group we went to a Goodwill near Lennox. It was fun of great finds. I definitely got lost in there for over two hours.

I used live Jazz music on the Cumberland back in June. The setting was nice. I really enjoyed when the sun started to go down because  it wasn't as hot anymore. The music was relaxing, and I enjoyed chatting with my friends.

1. Essence Festival 7/3/14 Essence blog post
2. Try sushi 4/12/14
3. Revive and Maintain a public blog 3/2014 Ongoing
4. Photo shoot
5. Get a passport
6. Go zip lining
7. Go to a Heat game 3/24/14
8. 30 poems (NaPoWriMo2014) April/2014
9. Start Ira
10. Recite poem live
11. Start a P.O. Box
12. Try 30 new hairstyles (17 out of 30)*
13. Travel to California
14. Host a dinner party
15. Travel to Miami 3/24/14
16. Try 30 new recipes  (4 of 30)
17. Make a scrapbook
18. Visit 30 new places w/in and outside of city (13 out of 30)*
19. Spa day (massage/nails)
20. Donate $300 to a charity or non profit foundation
21. 10 random acts of kindness
22. Send 10 letters (friends and family)
23. Read at least 10 books
24. Complete a pinterest DIY project
25. Write 30 pages of my novel
26. Save $1,000 8/2014
27. Gain X lb.
28. Learn to knit
29. Start crochet website
30. Volunteer 10 hours to... various service projects

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