Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Teach Me

Teach Me
Teach me how to forget you.
Teach me how not to think of you when thinking is subconscious and each time it purposely involves you.
Teach me how not to remember your scent, the way you looked when you were serious,
the way your eyes widened when you were excited.
Teach how to forget the sound of your laughter, your breath brushing pass my cheek, the soft whisper in my ear, and the three sweet numbers rolling from your lips (143)

Teach me how to numb the ends of these severed emotions.
Teach me how not to see your smile in my mind.
Teach me how not to long for your warm touch.
Teach me how to move on when there's nothing left to have.
Teach me to not keep you as a lingering reminder of what I lost, what I could have had, what I wasn't good enough for, what I messed up, what chance I lost.
Teach me how to rewrite this story where in the end the tears are of joy.

Teach me how not to compare any new to the oldness of you.
Teach me how not to remember us, the good times, the bad times, the plans made, the time spent.
Teach me not to anticipate your return.
Teach me how to know that it is okay not having you around.
Teach me how not to read then reread each letter you sent.

Teach me to undeclare our song so that when it plays there is no slate of memories
Teach me how not to be so critical when it was just you being cynical
Teach me how to forget about you like you forgot about me.

-J. Renee

I hope you all are enjoying #NaPoWriMo #NationalPoetryMonth. I will also be posting my favorite poets.

I wrote this poem in 2010. Coming back to it now... it still holds truth and I'm sure many people can relate. Let me know your favorite lines in the comments.

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