Sunday, March 28, 2010

It is official! I have been sisterlocked for one year. March the 23rd was my one year lockaversary. I am ready for my retightening, I think my loctician decided to stretch my time span, because I have alot of new growth. I want to learn how to tighten myself, but I know that will be a task, working on my own head.

I notice that I have gained a lot of growth within the past few months. When I look from October to now... those few months make a big difference. I still have shringage, but where my hair shrinks to looks much longer than what it use to shrink to. Any tips/ advice on how to stretch locks... and avoid shrinkage after washing?

This summer I desperately (even now) want to go swimming. Any of you swim with sisterlocks in your first year? I wonder how long I have to wait. That's another question I want to ask my loctician. I want to color my hair too. have never done any real color, besides a rinse which could barely be seen and that was when I had a perm. I wonder how long do I have to wait before can color? That's question number two to ask my loctician. I don't know what color, and I just want some of the hair colored to begin with. I'm trying more styles when I go out. i'm just so excited, because the longer it gets the more styles that I can try.

Happy to be nappy! Enjoy the pictures!

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